Our Goal

Our goal is to help your business achieve more than just basic compliance with disability standards. We can help make your products, services and spaces more attractive to a wider market, and more relevant and meaningful to customers and employees.

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in disability equality and the disability market. The EquaLex team includes architects, communication specialists, designers, economists, lawyers and marketers, all ready to work with you to make your business the best it can be.

What We Do

EquaLex helps make sure that your business is not only in full compliance with disability equality law, but that you can successfully participate in the growing disability market.

Who We Help

Disability touches more than half the global marketplace. This means that, at EquaLex, we can help businesses of all types and sizes secure a closer connection to more customers and a happier, more effective, workforce.


How We Can Help You

We offer a range of assessment, training and facilitation services tailored to your needs, including:


  • accessible website design
  • architectural design
  • compliance reviews
  • document or media conversion into accessible formats
  • legal analysis and Human Resource guidance
  • market-related analyses and strategic reviews.


We can help you achieve a level of compliance with national and international disability standards that is meaningful for both your business and your customers.

'Meaningful compliance' requires that all aspects of the accessibility project are taken into account, rather than dealing with them on a piecemeal basis. This does not necessarily cost more, and may even prove more cost-effective in the long-term as it can help future-proof your business.

Our team can provide you with a complete picture analysis of your accessibility project and a competitive proposal to support the growth of your business into the disability market.

Contact us now or learn more about why disability matters to your business